Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Brooklyn II

Dionne Warwick is the shit. The shiznit. The bee's knees.

I can hardly contain my excitement, anxiety, and anticipation for Wednesday. I feel warm again.

quick list to do:
yakitori totto
bad horror movie
drinks with missie (tonight)

Saw "Shutter" with Alex. Had tremendous fun, despite the incredible predictability, horrible acting, and contrived screenplay. I'm just a sucker for horror movies you can laugh at.

Plans to meet Missie in the slope for dinner, v. excited and happy to see her. Will discuss house. Linda comes wednesday. Crossing my fingers. Thursday we're meeting with the Blacks (or the Bodkins, or whatever name my blood may have). I am incredibly nervous and excited about meeting my family. I hope to gain more insight into my heritage, considering my little to no knowledge in the area.

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