Friday, May 30, 2008

Turkey Vultures

For years big birds have been flying over my house and over the park below. I had heard from students at the high school which I went to back then that eagles nested in Freepons Park (a likely story...). Excited at the idea of eagles in my own backyard, myself being a city girl and all, I always scoured the skies for a sign of these majestic birds. Oftentimes I would see a bird much larger than a crow or a goose, soaring thousands of feet in the sky. About twelve days ago I finally identified them as turkey vultures, which are quite common in Oregon, and about ten days ago I caught them on film.

It was pretty spectacular though, as three turkey vultures attempted to either land in a tree or invade a crow's nest, and resulted in a flying fight of turkey vultures versus crow. I am still not certain which was attacking which, but I wouldn't put it past the crow to be the attacker.

And a video.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Today I told my parents I smoke. They took it a lot better than I ever imagined.

That's one weight lifted.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mythology of Agedness

We are but a fragment in this earth's history. Everything is much older than we think it is. Man has been living on this earth for hundreds of thousands of years, building up civilizations, only to have them wiped from existence and buried beneath the layers of the earth. How do we know what's beneath the layers of this planet, anyway? How are we so certain that the earth does not have the power to destroy the existence of a civilization entirely? Why are we giving ourselves such a small time frame?

Points of reference:
The Great Sphinx

It's easy to get caught up in this crap. Like getting lost in Wikipedia, but pure bullshit.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fighter Girl

I cannot get you out of my head, Mason Jennings.

The concert was great, and I'm glad I arrived late as he didn't go up until 10:45 and otherwise I'd have been trapped in the Roseland Theater for two hours (no re-entry policy = poopers). He opened with 'California II' followed by 'Nothing,' much to my joy and sorrow. Joy because I love his music ('Butterfly' and 'Be Here Now' were played as well as a couple songs off the upcoming album, including 'Fighter Girl' and 'Your New Man' - the latter was absolutely hilarious), and sorrow because his lyrics and his music (and obviously 'Nothing') remind me of...absolutely no one in particular...

But it was great, even though it was disgustingly hot and I couldn't even take in a bottle of water. I can't wait for the new album.

The weather has been splendiferous all weekend, and for the last two nights I've slept outside under the stars. No tent, just the sleeping bag. And my star chart. I didn't sleep at all the first night, couldn't sleep, and the sun rose so early (at 5:30) that the sun made it impossible, so I went to sleep in a bed at around 7 or so. Last night I did actually fall asleep under the stars, and it was wonderful - if I could I would move my bedroom outside. But, owing to the sunny sunny spot I slept in I awoke with a sunburn on just the left side of my face (nose and cheek) and neck. Who woulda thought to go to sleep with sunblock!

Air Siren

Last night was absolutely delicious after the horrendous 96 degrees of daytime, the sky was clear, and so I decided to sleep under the stars. I couldn't sleep, however, too distracted by the beautiful stars and trying to figure out the constellations. I'm not sure what time it was, probably around 3 in the morning, when I saw an aircraft incredibly low and in a part of the air in which I've never seen a plane's flight path before. It was extremely slow, and had more lights than an airplane ought to have. I saw rather than heard it, in fact I don't remember hearing it, but I can always hear before I see the aircraft, generally solely the former, but this time it was the latter first. It traveled quite slowly down what could have been Cornell road, flew towards the hills, and turned right. Airport's to the right, that makes sense. But then the air siren went off, it distinctly went off, and then I saw two definite planes go in the direction of the hills. What bothered me most was how low this aircraft was flying, so low it vanished behind the no more than 1000 ft hill. I ran inside to grab binoculars at this point, but when I came back I had lost sight of it, as it had vanished into the Portland area.

It was just very slow, and I don't recall noise, though there very well might have been, but more importantly the air siren went off and shortly thereafter aircraft followed its flightpath.

Hmmm. It was probably just a plane and I have been watching WAY too much UFO Files.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


What I'm reading: The Kuiper Belt.
What I'm watching: Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed.

Not related to what I'm watching right now, but Roswell obviously was Project Mogul, I mean c'mon, missing weather balloon? Same flight path? As for Tunguska, that is attributed to the Beta Taurid meteor shower and a larger fragment from Comet Encke. As for the Dropa Stones...ugh. Bi discs? Hello? Obviously a hoax? Are you a gullible idiot? But you can't blame people for trying, what with the absence of a religion of mystery is it any wonder we turn to extraterrestrials as the new "deity"? It is rather lonely to imagine that we're the only planet with life.

Anywho, moreso interested in the reading...have had the video paused for last hour while getting lost in the depths of wikipedia researching trans-Neptunian Objects, Planet X, ancient mythology, and the Anunnaki.

My thirst is unquenchable.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I am in love again. This time it is Jean-Louis Forain. His lines! His colours! His brushstrokes! Oh my! Such aesthetic deliciousness is captured in his figures.

And only better yet - he is little known! It is only someone to discover, to learn more about, and I love it.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Today is the first time in a long time that I actually feel awake.

The sun is shining, I no longer feel disgustingly lonely having the house to myself, and Mary-Liz is coming into town!

I find myself falling in love with history, just can't get enough of it. I've been reading up on the Tudors, the six wives et. all, and have been watching David Starkey's Monarchy, which is quite fascinating. Oh to be in Aengla parents are there now, hopefully seeing hollowed monasteries, castle-less hilltops, and once blood-stained pastures.

I foresee Anne Boleyn coming to an end shortly on The Tudors. It's been a way coming, if in the second episode she already gave birth to Elizabeth, we need only wait for her miscarriage to trumpet her approaching beheading. I like the looks of Jane Seymour in the preview. Flaxen and fair. But it is this man that for me steals the show:

Mmm. Good god man, you are delicious. And, I must say, you bear a remarkable resemblance to a certain someone.

Now, to enjoy the sunshine.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monday, May 5, 2008

Scents of Smell

[omg omg omg omg].

It smells like summer. The sun is out strong and bright for the second day in a row, the sky is blue, the leaves are all out, and it's nearly 70 degrees. Fanbloodytastic. I love this weather. It immediately forces a smile on my face.