Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Holy shnikys. I feel like I've struck gold.

There's a whole bloody family branch of mine on facebook, and it just warms my heart. Birdie's Bobby, his wife Cynthia, their daughters Eve and Shelley, and their children Jonathan, Moss, and Sarah are all on it. And a member of the Black family is on it, too! I am more hesitant to add him, however, as I only met him the one time, he may not remember me, but really he should, I mean it was quite out of the ordinary and I'm sure my aunt's kept in touch with him. As nice as that is it is also frightening, as who knows what she's been saying about myself or my mother for that matter to the Black family.

I love family. When your immediate is so small, you really learn to appreciate it when you come across the other members.

Nothing brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart like this photo:

The one with the infectious smile at the center is my beautiful grandmother.

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