Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mason Jennings @ MHoW

If there was an over-arching theme to tonight's concert I would say stand-up-for-your-rights-angry-love. Love mostly. Even the songs protesting the war and the previous president were really about love. And the angry ones had love within them too. He encored with "Ballad for my One True Love," cracked on the same note twice, laughed at himself, v cute. No "Nothing," nor "I Love You and Buddha Too," but "Big Sur," "Your New Man," and "Duluth" made up for it. His new songs were great, went over really well with the crowd, opened with "Pittsburgh" and "The Field" (accompanied by a shout from the audience: 'that's the best song ever!'). Closed with "Blood of Man" before the encore. A wonderfully cathartic evening.

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