Thursday, May 6, 2010

Operation: Healthy Hilary

My resolutions, it would appear, seem to come out for my birthday as opposed to new year's. I've decided to make some changes in my life, less takeout food (i.e. GREASE), more exercise (running), being outside more (running in the park, working outside more, etc.), and other things that I hope will make me a happier, healthier human being. I hadn't bought any chocolate in a week, I've replaced my traditional go-to snack with apples. I'm cooking a lot more, and not the fake cooking packaged things with pouches that miraculously turn into something edible. I've gotten Chinese once in the last two weeks. I haven't had pizza since April 14. I've been running every day since Sunday. My only exception is today, because I did something nasty to my knee and can't even walk up and down the stairs without grimacing. It's resting on top of Adam's giant bouncy ball, one of those Icy Hot bandages doin' it's thang on it. I guess I should have a) stretched more b) not sprinted so soon c) not pushed myself so hard so quickly? I don't know. If it still hurts in a few days I'm gonna get it checked out, but all my other aches and pains and sore body parts healed within a day or two, so I'm hoping this knee will follow suit.

Anyway. I'm frustrated with my knee and feel landlocked. I usually walk home on Thursdays from the Slope, but something told me I shouldn't when my legs cry from just sitting down and standing up. Sigh. I feel whiny. And antsy. And I really wanted to go running today. Stupid knee.

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