Monday, January 7, 2008


Watching these debates feels like window shopping for a relationship that I'll be in for the next four years. What do I want out of this union? What am I looking for in a significant other? Which are the bad apples to steer clear from? Which are the future heartbreakers, those that come to the relationship touting more than they could possibly accomplish?

If you ask me, he's the only one not flawed.

"You're reading their propaganda." Oi! Poor Ron, having to defend himself right and left, but good for him.

This debate just had me go back to being undecided. Actually, if I were to choose a candidate based on the debate alone, I would go with Richardson. While certainly Hillary employed questionable tactics in attacking Obama, I appreciate the image that she is projecting to the American public - a sharp-tongued high-powered woman that is not afraid to fight her necessary battles.

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