Friday, January 4, 2008

That's Hilary with one "L"

I'm getting back into politics. That is, staying abreast of the goings on in this tumultuous world of ours. Yes, yes, I may get too into it again, I may start to get angry at people for not having heard of the same things I have, may preoccupy my time with C-Span and newspapers, but ignorance isn't bliss. This also will help fill that void that is now so empty.

Michael Moore I believe sums it up quite well:

"If you're a candidate for President, and you voted for the war, you lose. And if you voted and voted and voted for the war -- and never once showed any remorse -- you really lose.

In short, if you had something to do with keeping us in this war for four-plus years, you are not allowed to be the next president of the United States."

I didn't think I knew who I wanted to vote for, thought I would wait around until later in the year to decide, but I am certain now as to who I want to become the next President. And it ain't my namesake.

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