Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blue Skies

The sky here is a permanent shade of blue. I absolutely love it.

This upcoming week is birthday week. Four of my friends have birthdays, two on the same day even. I just bought one of them a present, which if he doesn't want I'll totally keep for myself and force him to eat something from it anyway. Je le manque.

So I caved and finally went shopping at American Apparel. Their clothes fit me like a glove, and I can't help but love 'em. I have done more shopping in the last two weeks than I have in the last two years.
Some items I still would still like to purchase:

but in this color:

but in gray:

but I can't find it in the stores here...

Really though, leotards are the only way to go with those soft jersey skirts that show every wrinkle and every crinkle that lies beneath them.

I mean, look at that ass. She can't be wearing a thing under that.

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