Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ballad for my One True Love

Hot damn. The weekend in October that I've been looking forward to just got even MORE fantastic. Mason Jennings will be playing on the 9th, and darn straight I'm going to see him again. Then Mirah. Then Placebo. Mirah and Mason are more than enough for me, but we'll see. AND he'll have a new album come September, 'Blood of Man,' excited! I'm really happy he's coming back to NY, for I knew he'd be playing in Portland but also knew I would not be around to catch that show, so yay!

His music gives me chills. It makes me move and groove, makes me cry, makes me happy and smile the day away. Oh, his chords, his strumming, it's all too delicious not to get goosebumps when I listen.

(This gives me the giggles) Mason on I love you and Buddha Too:
"It's also in the key of Bb, which I found out there's a black hole super deep in space that's hitting the earth with a Bb at all times but it's really really low so you can't hear it but it's really loud so a lot of the songs that open up your heart chakra I found out later are often Bb...I looked back through all these different songs throughout history and there are so many love songs written in Bb and I just think is that a coincidence? I don't think so."

Black hole hums B flat

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