Saturday, September 19, 2009

Come Together (The Beatles Entry)

The Beatles remasters have so much more depth, one could swim through those chords.

I'm sure it would sound better if my right and left speaker could connect, but Mr. Mickey nibbled through the wire and there you have it. I also have a sneaky suspicion the actual CDs sound better than the compressed mp3 files I scooped up. Still worlds better than the earlier versions. If I were to buy any CD it would probably be Abbey Road. Just the flow from song to song gets me going, everything fits so perfectly together, chords continue on, lyrics reference those of the other songs, it's a Beatles opera if there ever were one. Or I'd buy the White Album. I love them all, so hard to choose just one, but too expensive to buy the whole batch.

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was my first album, bought around the same time as Magical Mystery Tour, maybe even the same time, most likely at the music store on Montague Street at the suggestion of Lucy. I did not have the good fortune to be raised on The Beatles like so many of my friends, in fact my parents were vehemently anti-Beatles owing to their popularity (mother) and not being The Rolling Stones (father). Carpools and birthday parties were how I came in contact, I think I was first given a tape cassette by Lucy (for the life of me I can't remember what was on it - would be interesting to find out actually). Songs from Past Masters and With the Beatles were always on the radio in Oregon, and certainly made it onto my favorite mix tape of oldies. I burned Please Please Me from a CD at the library (amongst many many others) which I would listen to on my cd player while walking to/from the bus stop to go to school/downtown. The White Album got me up in the morning dancing around my room to Bungalow Bill.

Anyway. Today is homework day with the Beatles. They make for excellent study buddies.

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