Monday, September 21, 2009


Finally settled on what to do for identity/branding track. And what font to focus on for the poster assignment. It was like a light switched on each time. The first as I was walking back from having walked Anna to the subway. Windsor! Of course! No contest! (creator: Eleisha Pechey). The design track assignment idea hit me as I was conversing with Adam in the lovely night air. I had had too many ideas owing to all the choices given, and then it hit me. A Dutch restaurant. Of course! I just got that Dutch cookbook from Sabine and Arjan, plus the one I had, menu ideas already by the dozens. And the theme of this restaurant? Red Light district meets the Old Master painters. Picture it: a burlesque pinup instead of Vermeer's milkmaid as mural for the wall. Goodness, the logo ideas are just springing from this!

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