Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ticketmaster can bite me

She & Him sold out in two minutes. TWO MINUTES. Is that even POSSIBLE? Both shows? And now scalpers are selling tickets for $100+ which is ridiculous. Good news though is that they'll be coming out with another album in March (the songs of which, I'm sure, would be performed at their shows). Maybe I'll swing by the theater on that Monday night after class anyway, maybe someone will be selling tickets, or something. Maybe. SO lame Ticketmaster, you laggard.

Oh yeah. Other good news: I got my ticket for The Flaming Lips show in April (which was NOT available through Ticketmaster, and probably why I was able to get a bloody ticket), which is awesome, and they're sold out too (which DOES make sense). Still need to get a Spoon ticket, though...

*Update 1/31*
Aaaaaaaand there are no longer any two seats together for the Spoon concert. Oh well.

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