Monday, December 17, 2007

Luscher Farm

The farmland is slowly disappearing. Back in my high school years, enormous houses popped up one after the other across the street from the blackberry bushes and the horse farm, shielding the old farm house (the only aesthetically pleasing architecture) from view. While away at college, and upon my subsequent visits home, I was distraught to discover the flowing fields of wheat and grass that would be frequented by geese in the autumn on their migration was turning into yet another lot for these McMansions. Slicing up the field, they built fences and roads and constructed homes twice the size of the earlier excessively large homes built beyond the fields. Now, the developers have decided to move south with their destruction of nature, and have dug up the fields and grass that once stood at the end of Overlook as it intersects with Stafford. There is now a gigantic sports field (oh yes, because the 5 or so we have within 5 mins drive from there are not enough) complete with enormous, glaringly bright stadium lights. What happened to the community gardens? the dog park? to nature? Why on earth are we replacing real grass with that impostor that bedecks a football field?

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