Thursday, December 6, 2007

'They mooed half the night. Then, no mooing'

[Article in this morning's Oregonian]

So apparently it wasn't insanely foggy and rainy just here, but all over the northwest, leading to the deaths of hundreds of cows. Organic cows (not that that makes a difference, but the article I read this morning explicitly stated they were such). It's times like these I'm glad my house is on a hill and on stilts, hundreds of feet above the ocean. But a lot of houses aren't...and the coast is flooding, and apparently "tempests" are now supposed to be the norm in the pacific northwest. Storms were one major thing I missed about the east coast, the rumbling of thunder and flashes of lightning I would try to catch glimpses of from my bedroom window on the top floor through what little bit of sky I could make out. Not to mention the monsoon-like rain experienced in northern Michigan.

In any case, as sexy as storms are, Oregon needs to prepare itself for weather change. We don't want to lose our coast after all, though if necessary one could always follow the Dutch example and build a dike.

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