Friday, February 5, 2010


This makes me laugh.


1. hilary
when you're obsessed with something very much and can't stop thinking about it.

holy shit, that girl is such a hilary..
she's obsessed with cheese.

2. hilary
is amazing

Oh Em Gee, that girl is hilary!

3. hilary
a girl who eats pizza and drinks beers with the guys whilst maintaining a sense of ladlylike decorum. she also always dresses to the nines, even when she's sleeping

You see that girl over there doing jello shots and wiping up after herself? Yeah, she's a total hilary.

That girl is such a hilary, she showed up to a pajama party in Jimmy Choo slippers and a Chanel bath robe!

4. Hilary
An extremely attractive Beer Pong table that resides in South Village, at UOIT (the University of Ontario Institute of Technology).

Hey guys, lets get Hilary wet tonight!

5. hilary
a girl who is pretty, hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, skinny, fierce, compassionate, sympathetic, friendly, nice, kind, playful, adventurous, sizzling, steamy, amazing, super amazing, extraordinary, magnificent, stellar, wonderful, inspiring, and a whore.
she also tends to be an outright stoner.

She's perfect! Indeed, that must be a Hilary!

6. Hilary
A small red haired dwarf living in the amazon. Prone to epilpitic seizures.

Crickey! Look at that beautiful HILARY!

7. hilary
A man that constantly has a wank when in a bathtub with a fat duck called mildred.

"Fancy that, i just saw a hilary!"

8. Hilary
1. Used in the phrase 'Up the hilary' meaning pregnant. Taken from the name of singer/actress Hilary Duff adapted from use of duff

2. Something that is broken also adapted from duff

1. Shazza is up the hilary again... she is such a little slag

2. This vibrator is new and yet it does not function correctly... it must be hilary

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