Saturday, February 6, 2010

La Neige, or, Snow

Don't people know how to deal with snow anymore?

Ok, seriously people. This is not a "blizzard." If I can open my doors without snow falling inside, there ain't nothing keeping me in. In fact, generally speaking, it's hardly snowed at all up here in NYC. I've had to shovel snow twice, which is a hell of a lot less than last year (today will make thrice). This, on top of the fact that DC is consistently buried in snow, Florida's even seen flakes, and Oregon has snowed me in or out on numerous occasions, are very worrisome.

Now, I realize that I didn't live in Oregon long, just the last three years of high school and year and a half post-college, but there have been marked changes in the weather since then. Oregon's climate in the wintertime (when not on a mountain) is supposed to be a rainy, gray, 40˚. Schools were shut down for a centimeter of snow. A CENTIMETER. People put on their studded tires preemptively, and, in the end, unnecessarily. All that changed after my first year at college. Ever since winter 2003 my parents have consistently been snowed in, and I have been snowed out. The biggest blizzards Oregon witnessed were in the 5" range, but now it's averaging 1'-2'. That's how it's supposed to be here, not in the pacific northwest, and certainly NOT south of here. We should be getting the type of snow they've got in DC, and it certainly shouldn't be snowing in Florida.

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