Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Three Goats A-Leaping, FTW

Making myself business cards. Frustrating until inspiration hits. Goats! My family's crest is three goats, "dancing," "leaping," what have you. Idea? Draw the goats dancing around à la Matisse's La Danse I.

However, simplification is key. I sometimes [all the time] get too caught up in my ideas and then they snowball into one huge complicated endeavor.

The dancing goats are enough. I don't need to go and model them after Matisse, it's just too much. Cute idea though it is...it doesn't really connect to me as much as the goats on their own do. Yeah yeah, when I was 14 I was told I painted like Matisse, but that's the extent to any connection there. And I don't paint at all like him anymore, and it was only that one bloody painting that looked like it might be in his style. I mean, he's not even my favorite artist. And so, obviously, my conclusion (and my teacher's conclusion) is that Matissifying the goats is superfluous.

I'm so glad my class liked the goats card best, seeing as how it's my favorite, I spent the most time on it, and it has the best story (er, it's the only one with a story).

Now, I need to find my fracking pencils so I can re-draw my goats.

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