Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jericho II

I took home Jericho tonight. He is not docile like his sister, that is for certain. He is so jumpy! And incredibly anxious. But I can't blame the guy, new house, smells of cat still I'm sure, and he was in two car rides and two different cages. He finally started playing with me, but he still won't let me touch him. I finally just heard him drinking some water, I was starting to get worried he'd dehydrate. I hope this won't be unrequited, and that he'll eventually let me at least pet him.

Yes! He's using the litter. Or at least it sounds it. The sounds of gravel being pushed around in plastic.

Anywho, I hope he opens up eventually, and lets me pet his belly.

I don't know what that boy is chasin', but he seems to be having a damn good time running between my room and the family room.

*update 8/14, evening*

That little boy is just the cutest. He sits. He actually sits. That is, he sits like a person would if they were a cat, on his back, with his legs splayed out in front. Adorable doesn't do it justice.

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