Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mickey (aka Jericho)

Oh my goodness, the little bugger purred for me. For me, not my father, not Jim, not any man, me. He still runs, but when I catch him and pet him he stops, and rolls, and purrs oh so sweetly. Then runs away again. But - progress!

Went straight down to see him after getting home from excessive traveling (attempted flight home yesterday, botched, back to Mama Toby's and Wright by the Sea, back to the airport today, 3 1/2 hour layover, etc. etc. etc.). He definitely made the family room his playroom. Books were strewn about, the paper towel on top of the counter was on the floor and torn, the catnip pillow was ripped open, the lower-right corner of my Roebling Tea Room postcard was nibbled upon, and even a sponge became his play toy. What a little monkey! Right now he's pawing his reflection in his water bowl. Too cute. He's still too scared though, he needs to not run away when I approach. But he bloody purred for me! AND he has a happy tail. That is, his tail is up in the air, and not curved down like it was the first few days.

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