Saturday, August 30, 2008

sexist racism

It is such a cheap, obvious, devious move to have a female VP for the GOP. A completely blatant tact to win over the Hillary supporters (all "18 million" of them), those that are voting for McCain because they are so bitter about Florida and Michigan (it was their own states' fault, suck it up). Hillary herself has endorsed Obama, and I hope those "supporters" of hers listened. It is so transparent that the GOP is trying to win over the "women's vote" and "Hillary supporters" by having a young female run with him (who, incidentally, does NOT believe in women's rights). If people can't see through this Rovian move, I'll be flabbergasted.

In choosing a Vice President, one should consider their ability to take over should something happen to the President. Could anyone, honestly, see this woman confronting International affairs, let alone taking care of the state of an entire country? Talk about lack of experience. It's so repulsive, that they choose the least experienced candidate for Vice President, a female one at that, so that they can in the future attack back should we ever attack on these two points. Sick sick sick.

It is belittling and demeaning to women everywhere, and I would be very ashamed of my gender if they were to fall for this obvious ploy.

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