Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Million Ughs

Jericho only let's me hold him when he's napping. Any other time and he just jumps from my hand. Why must it always be unrequited? Why?
It hasn't even been one full week. I should give it more time. But it's heartbreaking. I know it'll take a while, I just hope it won't be forever. I don't want to regret my decision.

I have to pack up my life. I have to write a final essay. I have to take one final exam. I have to socialize Jericho. Jericho needs to get his health records and a snip snip so he can travel and not be so crazy and have smelly pee. I have to either come back to Oregon or fly to Florida. I have to say goodbye. I don't want to say goodbye. I don't want to admit that she might not be here much longer. If there was ever one person that ever I wanted to be there for the milestones it would be her. I have her hands.

I'm not going to think about it. And so I'll focus on Jericho instead for now.

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