Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lazy Rainy Sunday

Having a lazy day, which started off right by watching football. The real kind. It isn't really raining right now, just a lot of residual wetness and broken tree limbs strewn about from yesterday's crazy storm (my poor umbrella!). There's a sad and sparse festival on Church Ave, five or more blocks barricaded by police, for a mere handful of booths. I wonder if it weren't for the weather if the turnout'd be better? Or if it's just always such a despondent event..

Other lazy things include:
Eating a Bacon Cheeseburger, om nom nom, what a terrible Jew I make...
Dipping into some hot steaming bubbles
Drinking tea leisurely
Grocery shopping
Cleaning my rooooom
Working on website

So not entirely lazy, no.

*update 3:01 pm*

Sadness is not having enough hot water to fill the bathtub. This makes no sense to me. We've always had enough hot water to fill the second floor tub, and at least enough for a shower after. I am the only one home today, there should be more than enough hot water, and yet, my bath is luke warm at best. I'm going old school. Two of our largest pots are boiling as I type.

*update 3:27 pm*

Of course, AFTER I've successfully boiled pots of water and step into my nice steamy bath the hot water comes back.

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