Friday, April 23, 2010

That's my alma mater!

Maybe went a weeee bit overboard on the LARPing?

Via Gawker:

Oberlin Kid Got Trashed and Thought He Was a Kidney-Eating Vampire

"Highly intoxicated" Oberlin student Andrew Whiteman tried to break into a drug store, and when the cops came to arrest him, he said he was a 100-year-old immortal vampire and threatened to eat one cop's kidney, and suck another's blood.

Welcome to When Twihards Attack: Crunchy Liberal Arts School Edition, because apparently those who froth at the mouth for vampire fantasies don't take breaks, not even in the lulls between films. Whiteman lives in Michigan but was on campus enrolling for fall classes when he apparently got trashed and tried to break into a drug store and harangued a newspaper deliveryman. The police were summoned and, according to the local news,

As they were transporting the suspect to the Lorain County Jail, Whiteman became verbally combative, threatening to kill one of the deputies and the deputy's family, including his children.

Whiteman told the deputy that he is a vampire who is more than 100 years old, and that he could smell the deputy's blood from the rear seat of the patrol car. He added that he desired to suck the aforementioned blood.

Once at the jail, Whiteman was forcibly removed from the vehicle and taken into the booking area. That's where he threatened a female adviser, saying that he wanted to eat her kidney. Due to his aggressive behavior, Whiteman was placed into a four-point restraint chair.

Whiteman has since appeared at the Oberlin Municipal Court, where he pleaded "not guilty," "still learning how to drink," and "college." [Fox8, TrueCrimeReport]

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