Thursday, April 15, 2010

Land of Stately Pine

I hear this song, and I get the chills:

Howard Hanson's Symphony No. 2 in D flat, Romantic, end of movement I, Adagio

Oh, memories! Sweet delicious nostalgia! To be in Corson, or Kresge, a sea of red and blue, socks twirling in the air in excitement on the first day, the supreme silence after the theme is played, the sweet breezes from the swimmer's itch infested lakes (ha! I never got it!), the monsoon-like downpours with everyone huddling in Stone. The hand holding and the concert dates, the mixers and their wonderful 90s beats!

Oh, sound the call to dear old Interlochen!
Land of the stately pine.
Where stalwart hands and loyal ever greet you,
Faithful for Auld Lang Syne.
Old friends you'll meet,
New ones you'll greet,
A welcome you'll ever find
So sound the call to dear old Interlochen!
Shrine of the muse divine.

Turns out there's ADULT programs now. HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?!?!??!

Too bad they only last about 5 days, otherwise it would be absolutely worth it. Sigh. Maybe I'll get a job there instead, then I'll be PAID to be there! Ehehehhheheh. I want to get my knickers on! But I shouldn't go back to the past, as tempting as it is to return, I need to move forward, not backward. I've done enough of that already.

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Thom said...

Hi Hilary...well today is the opening day of Interlochen's 82nd season. I typed "land of the stately pines" in Google and up came your blog! I ended up writing my own love letter to camp (Pine Nuts: Recollections of Summers at Interlochen) a few years ago. It's on Amazon, a site for the book, too, with trivia, etc.

Nice to see Interlochen stay with you + others! cheers - Thom