Sunday, June 6, 2010

All I want is food

I've been getting really into cooking and eating food as of late. All I do is think about my next meal and what I'm going to be making for it, even when I'm not hungry I want to cook (and eat). This is quite a change from just a few months ago, with my awful takeout regimens (pizza, chinese, burgers, repeat). Ever since I started running I've been eating healthier, and in order to eat better this means cutting back on all the greasy takeout (not that I don't get a pizza every now and then, or Chinese if I'm in the mood, but no more pizza for breakfast!). And I feel healthier, stronger, more awake, etc. etc. etc. Good food is good for you!

So I made a frittata the other day. It was Deelish. And my first ever (which is somewhat sad considering my lengthy history with omelettes...) So I had all these ingredients left over in the fridge from other things, feta from a Greek Salad, spinach and mushrooms from a sauteed spinach mushroom garlic thing, tomatoes for my addiction, and a few eggs left over from the farmer's market (which I'm about to head back to now, to stock up on again). It was surprisingly easy, I'd heard rumors it was difficult, lies!

Here's my recipe:

Ingredients serves 2, or one of me
mostly I eyeballed the quantities, so whatever amount floats your boat
1 tomato (diced)
1 onion (diced)
1/2 a bushel of spinach (coarsely chopped)
1/2 a pack of mushrooms (sliced)
4 eggs (I used 3, cause that was all I had in the house, but 4 would have been better)
milk (approx. 1/3-1/4 cup)
salt (duh)
pepper (duh)
oregano (1/2 tsp)
feta (sizable chunk, crumbled)
garlic (as many cloves as you want! I used two, minced)

  • Put your broiler on!
  • Lube up a large oven-safe nonstick frying pan with olive oil, cook the onion, garlic and mushrooms for about 8 mins over medium-low heat. Add salt, pepper, & oregano
  • Add in half the chopped tomato and spinach, cook for 5 minutes or until liquid has evaporated
  • Meanwhile, beat your eggs! Add milk to it! Use a whisk, a fork, whatever
  • After all your filling is cooked, slowly stir in the eggs to mix the ingredients evenly, but not enough to scramble
  • Let sit over low-medium heat uncovered for about 10 minutes, or until eggs are slightly runny on top
  • Take off heat, sprinkle on crumbled feta and remaining tomato
  • Put that pan in the broiler! About 3-5 minutes, or until your eggs are how you like 'em
  • Take out that pan, slice it in wedges, and EAT it

  • I should have taken a picture. It looked really pretty. Next time, Gadget, next time!

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