Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RIP Lala.com

Oh Lala, we hardly knew thee!

And so, lala.com is officially no more. With its passing goes all the scratched up music I had uploaded that lala magically played sans skipping, the random obscure songs I cannot find anywhere else (Lena Horne covering The Beatles, for example), and the cheap albums that could be purchased oh so cheaply. Sigh. Not to mention the fact that I could access my entire music collection from wherever I was as long as I had an internet connection (came in handy at parties! and when one wanted to play a random song for a friend!). Sigh. Of course I blame Apple for its demise, when did Apple become The Man? A little competition is healthy, surely! It's going to be tragic indeed if, after having purchased lala.com and all of its coding, Apple were not to even bother to utilise it in a way that could have our music from iTunes on the web for streaming purposes. Hopefully something will be announced shortly, one can only wait and see.

Until then, I'm going grooveshark. They don't have everything, but they have obscure enough stuff, including songs that I never even knew existed from bands I love, AND it's like it mated with Pandora and produced a pretty awesome radio option. Plus you can upload your stuff now. But not all of it. It's picky. And you have to pay $3 a month if you want some of the things that came for free with lala.com (following friends' activity, scrobbling to last.fm, etc.). It's not perfect, but if I need to access some of my music from elsewhere and I don't have my computer, it'll do.

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