Sunday, June 13, 2010

FIFA 2010 England v USA

And, in the words of Kevin, "England can eat a dick." That was one of the most beautiful goals I've seen. And more beautiful still because we could all poke fun at the Brit in the room (probably better I didn't go to that bar full o' Brits! I could NOT stop laughing!)

Such beauty is happenstance!

Of course, the real game that I'm looking forward to plays tomorrow at 7:30 am, Dutch v Danes. Dutch Soccer House (aka Tonic @ Times Square) is the place to be for any Oranje/Flying Dutchmen fan (also: they're serving breakfast!). But I don't know if I should start drinking that early...although the idea of having vodka & orange juice is rather tempting...(it's ORANGE! I'm being a patriot, here!) The two other matches (Nederland v Japan, Nederland v Cameroon) will take place while I'm out of the city, and I highly doubt there will be any sort of Dutch gathering out in Oregon (aside from me, my father, and a case of beer). And so, I have every intention of waking up bright and early tomorrow, putting on all the orange (Oranje) I've got, and heading out to Times Square to watch the game to my heart's content with fellow nationals. Hup, Holland, hup!

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