Sunday, May 18, 2008

Air Siren

Last night was absolutely delicious after the horrendous 96 degrees of daytime, the sky was clear, and so I decided to sleep under the stars. I couldn't sleep, however, too distracted by the beautiful stars and trying to figure out the constellations. I'm not sure what time it was, probably around 3 in the morning, when I saw an aircraft incredibly low and in a part of the air in which I've never seen a plane's flight path before. It was extremely slow, and had more lights than an airplane ought to have. I saw rather than heard it, in fact I don't remember hearing it, but I can always hear before I see the aircraft, generally solely the former, but this time it was the latter first. It traveled quite slowly down what could have been Cornell road, flew towards the hills, and turned right. Airport's to the right, that makes sense. But then the air siren went off, it distinctly went off, and then I saw two definite planes go in the direction of the hills. What bothered me most was how low this aircraft was flying, so low it vanished behind the no more than 1000 ft hill. I ran inside to grab binoculars at this point, but when I came back I had lost sight of it, as it had vanished into the Portland area.

It was just very slow, and I don't recall noise, though there very well might have been, but more importantly the air siren went off and shortly thereafter aircraft followed its flightpath.

Hmmm. It was probably just a plane and I have been watching WAY too much UFO Files.

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