Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fighter Girl

I cannot get you out of my head, Mason Jennings.

The concert was great, and I'm glad I arrived late as he didn't go up until 10:45 and otherwise I'd have been trapped in the Roseland Theater for two hours (no re-entry policy = poopers). He opened with 'California II' followed by 'Nothing,' much to my joy and sorrow. Joy because I love his music ('Butterfly' and 'Be Here Now' were played as well as a couple songs off the upcoming album, including 'Fighter Girl' and 'Your New Man' - the latter was absolutely hilarious), and sorrow because his lyrics and his music (and obviously 'Nothing') remind me of...absolutely no one in particular...

But it was great, even though it was disgustingly hot and I couldn't even take in a bottle of water. I can't wait for the new album.

The weather has been splendiferous all weekend, and for the last two nights I've slept outside under the stars. No tent, just the sleeping bag. And my star chart. I didn't sleep at all the first night, couldn't sleep, and the sun rose so early (at 5:30) that the sun made it impossible, so I went to sleep in a bed at around 7 or so. Last night I did actually fall asleep under the stars, and it was wonderful - if I could I would move my bedroom outside. But, owing to the sunny sunny spot I slept in I awoke with a sunburn on just the left side of my face (nose and cheek) and neck. Who woulda thought to go to sleep with sunblock!

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