Friday, May 9, 2008


Today is the first time in a long time that I actually feel awake.

The sun is shining, I no longer feel disgustingly lonely having the house to myself, and Mary-Liz is coming into town!

I find myself falling in love with history, just can't get enough of it. I've been reading up on the Tudors, the six wives et. all, and have been watching David Starkey's Monarchy, which is quite fascinating. Oh to be in Aengla parents are there now, hopefully seeing hollowed monasteries, castle-less hilltops, and once blood-stained pastures.

I foresee Anne Boleyn coming to an end shortly on The Tudors. It's been a way coming, if in the second episode she already gave birth to Elizabeth, we need only wait for her miscarriage to trumpet her approaching beheading. I like the looks of Jane Seymour in the preview. Flaxen and fair. But it is this man that for me steals the show:

Mmm. Good god man, you are delicious. And, I must say, you bear a remarkable resemblance to a certain someone.

Now, to enjoy the sunshine.

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