Friday, May 30, 2008

Turkey Vultures

For years big birds have been flying over my house and over the park below. I had heard from students at the high school which I went to back then that eagles nested in Freepons Park (a likely story...). Excited at the idea of eagles in my own backyard, myself being a city girl and all, I always scoured the skies for a sign of these majestic birds. Oftentimes I would see a bird much larger than a crow or a goose, soaring thousands of feet in the sky. About twelve days ago I finally identified them as turkey vultures, which are quite common in Oregon, and about ten days ago I caught them on film.

It was pretty spectacular though, as three turkey vultures attempted to either land in a tree or invade a crow's nest, and resulted in a flying fight of turkey vultures versus crow. I am still not certain which was attacking which, but I wouldn't put it past the crow to be the attacker.

And a video.

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