Thursday, May 15, 2008


What I'm reading: The Kuiper Belt.
What I'm watching: Soviet UFO Secrets Revealed.

Not related to what I'm watching right now, but Roswell obviously was Project Mogul, I mean c'mon, missing weather balloon? Same flight path? As for Tunguska, that is attributed to the Beta Taurid meteor shower and a larger fragment from Comet Encke. As for the Dropa Stones...ugh. Bi discs? Hello? Obviously a hoax? Are you a gullible idiot? But you can't blame people for trying, what with the absence of a religion of mystery is it any wonder we turn to extraterrestrials as the new "deity"? It is rather lonely to imagine that we're the only planet with life.

Anywho, moreso interested in the reading...have had the video paused for last hour while getting lost in the depths of wikipedia researching trans-Neptunian Objects, Planet X, ancient mythology, and the Anunnaki.

My thirst is unquenchable.

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