Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solo Bar

Going local can yield very good things, and excellent times to be had. The "new" bar on Cortelyou is, as I felt before, a pretty good venue. The pink brick building pulls you in with musical beats you can hear from a blocks away, luring you towards its happy sounds, and once inside you're greeted with a throng of people dancing - dancing on the floor and dancing in the seats. Goodness gracious, there's just something about "What'd I Say" that gets me goin', want to shake and shimmy down, twistin' the night away.  

Anywho, I say "new" because back in the day it used to be a sketchy sports bar that would be open all hours of the day, and whenever I'd walk by I'd just see these sad lonely middle-aged men with dirty shirts hangin' around (at least that's what my memory is of the place at age 14). Not the case now, and that's how I felt months ago when it first reopened too. I'm pretty sure the saxophonist played at the last gig I saw there, made me nostalgic to see him suckin' on a reed (where's my clarinet at?!). 

Ran into Jacob, who incidentally was the singer of the band ("Jake G and Friends", which last night sounded like "Jake G and the Solos"), Bree from Bushwick, Cameron from Philly, Matt (or Mark?), and fellow Portlandian, Joshua. I just wanted to jot those names down lest I forget, like I did my phone last night. 

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