Saturday, June 20, 2009

summertime II

So the rest of the summer is formulating itself. Numerous (countless) trips are in the works or at least to be planned shortly. Oregon, Chicago, DC, Amsterdam, France, maybe even Germany (not in that order per se). Not to mention my Dutch "cousin" visiting in July (the daughter of my "uncle," who is really just one of my father's best friends from childhood that masquerade under the guise of "uncle such-and-so" i.e. Roland, Robert, Adrian, Satinder, etc.). V excited to see her, we always get along well, and it's an opportunity to play tour guide while I show her and her beau the city. Too bad Mandana isn't around, I think it would be ridiculous if we all got together and chatted Dads (though really, I have only to go to Holland to accomplish that). Anywho, this summer is quickly becoming full, which is just lovely.

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