Thursday, June 11, 2009

week so far

Most recently: I need to work on not being such a bloody open book and prattling on about myself. And not speaking before thinking. If I thought just a second more before I said some of the things I said I wouldn't be worrying about it now.

This week: introductions aside, the classes are great. Etta's wonderful as always, and a bunch of the students from the previous course are in both my classes, which of course makes it a lot nicer. In Etta's class there were five of us, all in a corner, and she greeted us with a beaming smile. As Mary, Anna, and I walked with her from the paper place with handfuls of binders, an Oberlin sweatshirt approached us from across the street and Etta and I smiled heartily. She told me of the days before they built what is now the con, when there once was a building much more like Peters, with winding stairs, turrets, organs, and during the holidays they'd line the winding staircase and sing christmas carols, that it gave her chills. It sounds magical. 

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