Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm still debating what to do with my summer. Half of it is full, and half of it is empty (this ain't no glass, I'm not being pessimistic). Not that the second half is even empty, just when compared to my busy busy schedule for June and July it's vacant. My first class of the summer term starts today, I never like the first days, mostly because I hate those silly introductions we have to do: 

Hi, I'm Hilary, I'm a freelance web designer here to finish a certificate in digital/graphic design. I went to college in Ohio. I grew up in Brooklyn and Oregon, and am what could be called bi-coastal. You might not always recognize me because I don't always wear glasses and I dye my hair when it suits my fancy.

Classes end sometime mid-July, and then what? I was thinking Oregon for the rest of the summer, but not if people I've been wanting to see will no longer be there and people I'd like to see would be here. Oregon might just have to wait. Maybe, maybe, maybe I won't yearn for it soon.

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