Monday, July 20, 2009

Bridget Jones 3: Milkin' It

So this story came out a few days ago, but apparently there's a third Bridget Jones film being made. The second was enough, thanks. Honestly, the first alone was perfect. But obviously there was the other book, so a second film made some sense (based also upon Jane Austen, but 'Persuasion' rather than 'Pride & Prejudice'). This new one's supposed to be about Bridget having a baby. I don't believe there was a Jane Austen about that, let alone a Helen Fielding. I don't see how this movie could have any plot, they've already done everything to keep Darcy and Bridget apart in the first two. So what now, Darcy will be impotent and "Bridge" will go to Daniel Cleaver for some idiotic reason? Colin Firth said he wasn't even interested in reprising the role. And as far as I'm concerned, a Mark Darcy without Colin Firth is no Darcy at all. Not the case for Fitzwilliam Darcy. I much prefer that Darcy to be not so boyish, more mysterious. No offense to Mr. Firth, believe you me, I absolutely adore the BBC P&P w/Ehle and Firth, I own it, I re-watch the 5th episode the most to take in the loveliness that is Firth. But a BJ3 sans Firth would be inconceivable.

Would you do a "Bridget Jones 3"?
In the abstract, it's unthinkable. I don't really plan in the long term about anything. I can't think where a sequel could go. I think this time one would have to think of it as a sequel, unless Helen wrote another book. The only way which I could possibly imagine it being interesting is that if it showed us in a state of advanced decrepitude really - a heavily deteriorated Mark Darcy. I think we're on the way. And Daniel Cleaver and Bridget really puncturing the fairy tale completely might be a way to take it. But I've been ready to move on to other things for quite a while now, actually. I'll be quite content to live my life without another one.

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