Friday, July 17, 2009

Music (yay!)

And to add to the ever-expanding list of shows I'd like to see, Mirah is playing in October as well, and the night before Placebo to boot. That weekend shall be awesome! Talk about a harken to the past, and specifically one individual that got me into these bands in the first place. Too bad she's out in San Fran.

So this All Points West line-up looks aMAZing. Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ting Tings, MGMT, Beastie Boys, Echo and the Bunnymen (Coldplay, Tool, Black Keys, etc. etc.), even bloody Janeane Garofolo.

Except it costs more than I'd like to spend. And even more money spent because surely they'll have overpriced meager portions of crappy food for sale. And no outside food or drinks. And you can't leave once you enter. And you have to label your eye contact solution. And all that stuff is too much bullshit to deal with for 12 hours. 

I still want to go, though. For the music.

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