Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, White, and Blue Dog

Our house is pretty much the only one on the block sans flag. (Father said, "too bad you don't have a Dutch flag to wave. Better yet, why not British?"). White wine, mango sorbet, and summer breezes were enjoyed on the front porch in the afternoon. Haven't had alcohol so early in the day since...I don't even know, fourth year? Then last minute packing for overnight in Mount Vernon.

Daughter to mother conversation inside train station as they walked toward the stairs to platform:
"Why can't we stay inside?"
"What difference does it make?"
"This girl I know fell on the tracks here."
"She what?"
"Well, she jumped. And it wasn't here, it was on that side [points to opposite platform]."

Coffee then Q-S-2-1-car w/story rounds (Gregor the ankylosaurus and Sandra the pterodactyl) and limericks (...). Everything green! Fresher air! No sirens! No honking! Stars! Twas splendid. A crowd of people, some familiar, and some not. Delicious edibles (delectable tomatoes), white sheets on the grass displaying images of what looked like lifeforms under a microscope. MJ in pixels. Life stories shared. Cookies ingested. Music played and Hide and Go Seek. A Twilight Zone marathon. Awoke to poor thirsty Blue Dog. Breakfast. Caffeine, please! Exquisite Corpse. My camera unused and left behind.

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