Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ugly World

I don't know if it's just because I was watching CNN at the doc's today, or if I got more absorbed than normal in my news-reading, but a whole lot of ugly happened today. Uuuuuuh-guh-leeee.

Protests muted in Iran, earthquakes, more bombs, "cyber war," blatant racism. Baah humbug!

C'mon world, lighten up! Peel off your hatred robes and hug! Wipe off that scowl! (Also, the last I checked, this wasn't pre-1954).

Pool Boots Kids Who Might "Change the Complexion"
Blogger the Field Negro on the topic

But apparently the Vox Pop statue story is getting more news-worthy. (?) CNN is apparently covering it now. Although CNN covers anything. Not that a decapitated statue doesn't warrant an official FBI investigation or anything....

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Great post!!! Read how I feel about the incident at