Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Supper

Last night Sabine, Arjan, and I went to The Farm on Adderley for a final dinner out before they fly back to Amsterdam by way of London. The food was good as always, Sabine and I again ordered the same dish: filet mignon with a red pepper toast sauce and carola potatoes. Mmm. So good. What makes this restaurant the better choice of the street (IMO) is most definitely the food, specifically the rotating, seasonal menu and its general lack of greasiness. The atmosphere is nice, too, all that brick and candlelight. The wine was meh, that might have been because it was the wrong bottle for what Sabine & I ordered, but I hope it went nicely with Arjan's fowl. No room for their desserts, but we figured we would later, so pints of ice cream were picked up and then consumed while watching Little Britain.

I'll be sorry to see them leave, it's been a real delight to have them here. Sabine is such a sweetheart.

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